Kids Safety Glasses X Face Shield

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Kids Safety Goggles With Face Shield 

These multifunctional protective glasses are - 

  • Ultra-light, flexible, high clarity
  • Offers full face protection
  • Can be worn over regular glasses
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant
  • Protects you against water splatters, wind, sand, and shock
  • Splash resistant, anti-fog lens
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for preventing laboratory work, woodworking, mowing, gardening, drilling, sanding, welding, outdoor sports, etc.

How to Use:
1. Clean the lens with a cleaning solution or alcohol
2. After drying the lens, wipe it with our anti-fog cloth
3. Please keep it sealed after using the anti-fog lens cloth. Do not clean the anti-fog cloth

Color: Transparent

Size: 5 Inch Height x 5.9 Inch Width

Package includes:
Reusable Shield Glasses*1

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