About us

Ottika, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a tightly-knit team with over two decades of experience in the optical industry, dedicated to delivering exceptional products to the global market.

At Ottika Group, you'll discover a wide selection of designer eyewear from Japan and Europe. We are distributor for eyewear brands such as Masaki, MA-JI, Crafsis & Shiori . We also offer our own house brands, including Opttecc Smartwear, Ottika Care, Shades X & Kiddos

Following our success in North America, we are now expanding into Europe. We will be available in the Global marketplace. We are establishing Ottika Europe Ltd. in London, United Kingdom. Our products are available in Canada and the United States. They will soon be available in Europe as well.

Our products are also available at Faire & FashionGo

 To explore job openings at Ottika, email us at: jobs@ottikacanada.com