Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for Laptop (Available in 3 sizes)

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High Quality Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for Laptop in 3 Different Sizes.


  • Anti Blue Light: Anti-blue screen protector can greatly reduce the blue light on the eye irritation, Relieve the fatigue of eyes,control myopia deepening, but also through the absorption and conversion of ultraviolet light to prevent ultraviolet radiation caused by dry skin caused by skin reflection, melasma and other issue 
  • Professionally custom-made for laptop with a special screen, Perfectly fit for the screen
  • With high-quality imported optical PET base material, two layers inside and outside PET protective film
  • 4H Ultra-strong scratch-resistant, effectively avoid kinds of scratch
  • Specific silicone layer automatically adsor-bs, easily fits, no adhesive residue left for-ever


Protective film and adhesive film made of specific silicone layer, without glue and any chemically corrosive elements

Before fit protective film, be sure to clean up screen thoroughly, to avoid bubble resulted by dust

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