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Ottika Group

A local Canadian eyewear brand curating premium quality Eyewear Products from all over the world since 2018, Ottika Group has become a one-stop solution for consumers and businesses alike.

Founded by Harvinder Singh, a Canadian National, and firm believer in collaboration over competition ideology, has leveraged his 20+ year experience to help Ottika Group establish a stellar reputation among their clients.Trust, Customer satisfaction and Constant pushing boundaries is the foundation of Ottika Group’s phenomenal growth. Even through several lockdowns, the company made sure their clients and partners had uninterrupted access to their high quality, innovative solutions at the most economical prices.

Here are a few Ottika Group’s in-house brands and collaborations that are slowly carving a better future -
1. Maji Masatomo - Designed in the oldest factories of Japan with B - titanium, each pair of MA-JI frames is fused with style, balance, and comfort. Looking at the “future”, MA-JI has reinvented itself and created an unmistakable modern style.
2. CRAFSIS - CRAFSIS stands for Craftsmanship in Sabae and represents excellence in Japanese designs. Handcrafted with highest quality titanium, CRAFSIS reflects the time and develops the classic styles which couldn’t be produced more than 30 years ago.
3. Shiori - Shiori truly showcases Japanese elegance and simplicity. Known for its unique flat-fold style, handcrafted with premium Italian quality, made from the World's best Titanium, Shiro is truly a stellar from Sunreeve.
4. Opttecc - Innovating the way you experience the world - The Smart Modern” is a new way to look but also listen to the world. A frame which lets you listen to music, take calls, protects your eyes from harmful blue light, UVA and UVB rays, letting you interact with the world in your own unique way.
5. Shades X - A glamorous sunglasses collection inspired by the beauty and freshness of summers while maintaining a signature, clean, stylish aesthetic. It has over 50 styles and even more shades - From classics to chics to colorfuls to sombre. A collection to suit every mood, style and vibe.
6. Ottika Care - A chic and affordable collection of Blue blockers to give your eyes the care and shine they deserve. Our specially designed Anti-Blue light glasses block UVA and UVB rays, give you a gentler digital experience and boost up your style quotient. Because #ottikacares
7. Kiddos - A colorful, fun,and stylish collection of blue light blockers curated especially for our precious young clients. These blue light blockers are made of soft, durable material and protect your child's gentle eyes from the harsh blue light.